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The Saddest Laughs with Ethan Andrews

DarcyL Rock

Comedy = Tragedy + Time & these stand-up specials prove it


Why its sad: Tig talks about the disease that spread throughout her digestive tract, her mother's sudden death, her recent break-up and diagnosis with cancer just days before this recording.

Where to check the full show: Spotify


Simon Amstell "Numb: live at the BBC"

Why its sad: Simon explores his strained family relationships, the bleakness of solitude and the pain that comes with love. 

Where to check the full show: Amazon 


Corey White "The Cane Toad Effect"

Why its sad: Corey confronts a childhood in and out of foster homes, questions his sexuality and opens up about addiction and a suicide attempt

Where to check the full show: On Tour



Mike Birbiglia "My Girlfriends Boyfriend"

Why its sad: Mike retells his history of unrequited love, unfaithful relationships and a car accident which would lead to a great injustice

Where to check the full show: Spotify


Ethan Andrews is a comedian from Newcastle and a long-time Sensitive Adult Daily contributor. Sign up to his #fastfood52 for weekly reviews of fast food or at least chuck him a follow @ethanisatuni