The Sensitive Adult

Self Help: How do you feel?

DarcyL Rock

Use this questionnaire as a guide to help understand how you are feeling:

  • what is my breathing like? is it slow, is it fast? is it deep, is it shallow?
  • are my thoughts racing? am i stuck on one subject?
  • do i need food or water?
  • have i rested today?
  • have i taken my meds?
  • what is my mood like?
  • have i talked to a friend?
  • do i need a break?
  • am i feeling any tension in my body? where?
  • what are my surroundings?
  • am  i feeling any sensations? any smells or sights?
  • what is my heart rate like?
  • do i need to brush my teeth? take a shower?
  • do i need to use the restroom?
  • am  i in a space where the temperature is comfortable for me?
  • do i need to cry?
  • am i feeling safe?


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