The Sensitive Adult

REVIEW: NGV Art Book Fair 2017

DarcyL Rock

First, can I just say being a part of the 2017 NGV Book Fair was so incredibly humbling? When I made zine #1 just over a year ago I did not think A, there would be a sequel B, there would be contributions from more Sensitive Adults, and C, in the heart of Melbourne’s subway a supportive lil nugget of zine goodness would exist; yes, yes, we all know I’m talking about Sticky Institute.

So, in preparation I spent the week knuckling down, slogging away at my goal for the fair:
2 new zines + badges + having everything looking fre$h.

Lesson: we mustn’t blame ourselves when things don’t exactly go to plan.

The first instance of this was the Edward Sullen Zine. As those following Sensitive Adult Daily would know Edward Sullen has been an integral part of establishing a voice and intention for many features and appeared in earlier Insta pics doing just that! He was printed all nice and ready to go in a coloured mini-zine (which I imagine will be available soon on the website) however after redoing the page numbers to match the captions and the perfectionism in me and ahhhhh. It wasn’t formatted correctly so It didn’t quite get done.

Lesson: some things just aren’t to be.

Our spot was Sunday 1:30-5pm; purposely chosen as the TIME to give me the most TIME to do all the things that take TIME as I rarely seem to plan TIME effectively. T I M E

The other zine I had in mind was “Inside the Sensitive Adult” which I did actually finish and have ready. I aimed to print the day before at Sticky but mistook their opening times and hopped across the road to Officeworks who couldn’t quite scan away the grey background as I used pink paper…

Lesson: don’t use pink paper if you want the background to be white.

And so, no new zines were printed for sale and this also meant the badges were not ready either. I am a human. I have human hands, human ideas and like a human I fall short of the expectations I have of myself. Its fine, we cry into our sleeves for a while and think about what we’re going to get for dinner.

Lesson: laksa is all you ever need.

(p.s thanks to all the lovelies that visited the stall and those who picked up some goodies too!)