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Interview: Corpus by Ben Cooper of Love + Rent

Interview: Corpus by Ben Cooper of Love + Rent

This issue of S.A.D is the brain edition. Is there any correlation between the Corpus Callosum and your name?

This is where I should remark on the way that the Corpus Callosum, which connects the two hemispheres of the brain (if I googled it correctly) is the perfect analogy for the way Corpus connects us as two spectral musical beings ...or something?
But naa it was just a silly name we chose when we were in school. I wish we were that insightful at 15!  


Why did you choose to record ‘The Sliding Scale of Morality in Japan’?

On one hand, we’ve made a conscious decision to invest ourselves in Corpus and use it as a vehicle to experience as much of the world as we can. On the other, we are thoroughly weird dudes and almost decided to record in Japan as a joke. It’s still astounding how an off-hand remark between us just took on a life of it’s own and we somehow thought it was a completely normal thing to just buy plane tickets to Tokyo. Either way, we wouldn’t trade the trip for anything.


What was the influence behind writing such a passionate and emotional album? Are your personal experiences always reflected in the music you write?

We were both in pretty introspective places going into the writing process, so there was definitely some pent-up energy that was looking for an outlet. Being away from home seemed to exaggerate the importance of some of the stressors in our lives and bring into focus how isolated we were from others.

We stayed up with our mate Clay (who produced the record) most nights in Tokyo talking about everything and anything, from our all-encompassing theories of the universe to politics to personal shit. I guess that’s something we’ve always done but having the whole process condensed into three weeks in an incredible city with two of your best mates put the album on a different level for us.


How do you guys cope when life is throwing you curve balls? Any specific music?

Mostly by binge listening to Jeff Buckley’s posthumous “Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk”. Otherwise channelling it into music and other creative outlets is often helpful. Failing that I attempt to drag myself out of the house and see other humans/go for a long walk/meditate/exercise/try to avoid intoxicants/hug my cat.

Does Corpus have any news on the horizon we can look forward to?

We are working on our first full length release. We are in the very final stages of writing and it’s sounding as dark and sordid as ever.

Is there any advice you'd like to leave the S.A.D readers with?

Never be afraid to ask for help, I am regularly amazed that other people can relate to issues that I am convinced are unique to me – knowing that there are other people out there who struggle with similar issues or are simply there for you is infinitely helpful. Also, don’t try to escape reality with drugs and alcohol!



Corpus are a post-hardcore/punk band from Sydney.
Check out their music on Bandcamp and chuck them a like on Facebook .
Photo credit Sam Whiteside at Voena

Ben Cooper is a booking agent at Love + Rent who represents the likes of Split Feed, The Treehouse Children and Bec Stevens. You can check tours, merch and info on their website. 



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