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wish sit-downs were your only downs?

WHat iS
sensitive adult daily?

Sensitive Adult Daily (SAD) is a community of Sensitive Adults™ who through creative work document the struggle of living with lots of feelings.
We aim to provide an outlet to express, share and support Sensitive Adults who are often undermined due to their emotional sensitivity and/or mental illness.

History of Sensitive adult daily

Sensitive Adult daily (or S.A.D) was founded by Darcy Rock in 2015 with a tumblr blog and the creation of the first sad zine. Sad was created out of a major depressive episode with the intent of reaching like-minded adults suffering with mental illness and encouraging expression of feelings and sensitivity.
Darcy’s prior studies and dabbles in Psychology, Writing and illustration were what created the first zine which featured at Sticky Institutes Festival of the Photocopier at Melbourne Town Hall in 2016.
From there, the Brain Issue was created inviting contributors for the first time to submit and share their work. This zine appeared at a Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2016, as a house show organised by Newcastle Comedian Ethan Andrews.
In light of the 2016 SAD GRRRLS FEST (a festival created by sad grrrls club to promote gender diversity in the music industry),  Sensitive Adult Daily created SAD GRRRLS zine featuring contributions from female melburne artists and writers which was available for a donation at the festival. 
After a month or two break, Darcy sought contributors once more with the fourth zine: Sad Times. This featured at Festival of the Photocopier in 2017 and then at NGV's Art Book Fair in 2017. This zine had the most contributors than ever and its interest continues to drive more zine creations!

who is the sensitive adult?

The Sensitive Adult™ is any adult who lives with a heightened emotionality and/or sensitivity. often misunderstood and isolated Sensitive adults can find themselves unknowingly undermined by society due to their perceived "dysfunction" 
Our aim is to reduce stigma of mental illness while advocating that sensitive adults have qualities to contribute to a compassionate and connected society. we value the qualities of sensitivity and encourage people to speak about their feelings through art and creative endeavours.  
We created a "master check-list" to navigate the idiosyncrasies of the Sensitive Adult, see if you can relate to the sensitive adult.
□ Sadder today for some reason?
□ J-walking at every opportunity?
□ Rehearse confrontation in the shower?
□ Feel like crying but can’t?
□ Wish sit-downs were your only downs?
□ Cry looking for a job?
□ Loiter when poor?
□ Lack the confidence to hail a taxi?
□ Tired most days?
□ Argue with your internal dialogue?
□ Overuse “sorry” to forgive your existence?
□ Doubt about your aesthetic choices?
□ Apologising to inanimate objects?
□ Poorly maintained internet presence?
□ Profound urge to pet dogs?
□ General sense you aren’t coping?