Sensitive Adult Daily is a community of Sensitive Adults who through creative work document the struggle of living with lots of feelings.

Founded by Darcy Rock in 2015 with a Tumblr blog & zine, SAD aims to shed light on the heightened emotionality and awareness that is often lost to shame, apathy and [insert every emotion that isn't happy or productive here]

We collaborate on projects, publish work, share & create with like-minded individuals all over Australia and possibly the world - we want to validate all facets of the human experience and create a safe space for those struggling with mental illness. We believe the best way to alleviate suffering is through connection, openness, awareness, honesty and humour (this is why alot of our work is tongue-in-cheek and self-deprecating).

We sell zines, prints & stickers promoting our ideas which are available for purchase on our website, at Sticky Institute (Degraves Subway, Melbourne) and through our zine stalls around Australia. We post on social media (namely instagram) and are expanding constantly through various mediums of creative work.  


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2016-17 Festival of the Photocopier, Melbourne
2016 Sad Grrrls Fest, Melbourne
2017 NGV Book Fair, Melbourne
2017 Noted Publishing Fair, Canberra
2017 Other Worlds Zine Fair, Sydney